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Bob Zany's Goodwill Tour Bob Zany's
Goodwill Tour

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2016 Dates
and Venues

Aug 6
Private show
Kokomo, IN
Aug 19-20
Wackos Comedy Club
Sioux Falls, SD
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Aug 25-27
The Laughing Derby
Louisville, KY
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Sept. 4
The Ice House
Pasadena, CA
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Sept. 10
Yes Cinema
Columbus, IN
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Sept. 16-17
The Landing
Minot, ND
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Sept. 22-24
Indianapolis, IN
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Sept. 27 - Oct. 2
The Laugh Factory
Reno, NV
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Oct. 14-15
Ventura Harbor Comedy Club
Ventura, CA
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Oct. 16-23
Borgata Hotel & Casino
Atlantic City, NJ
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Nov. 5
Castle Finn Winery
Marshall, IL
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Nov. 19
The Strand Theatre
Shelbyville, IN
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Dec. 15-18
Off The Hook
Naples, FL
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For information: 818-342-9458

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