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July 05, 2006
First Up:
Dateline--Coney Island, New York Takeru Kobayashi has regained his title of World's Fastest Hot Dog Eater. In just 12 minutes, he ate 53 2/3 hot dogs, which equals about 17,000 calories. Or, as Wynonna Judd calls it, a light snack.
Item 2:
It's official: Star Jones has left The View. She said she couldn't wait to start a new chapter in her life. Word on the street is that chapter will include a position as Head Buffet Greeter in a major Las Vegas casino.
Item 3:
In A Related Story Star Jones claims that she, "was dumped by Barbara Walters." Walters denies this charge, and explained, "Like Star herself, The View lost a lot of dead weight recently." But, unlike Star, the morning gab-fest won't be gaining it back.
Item 4:
In Another Related Story Since the departure of Star Jones was so abrupt, she won't be given a big send-off a la Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. Fans can say goodbye to Star at
Item 5:
Sharon Stone has adopted her third child. She said she wasn't planning on adopting again, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were having a yard sale.
Item 6:
Fun Fact You Should Know In 1907, Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase, "Good To The Last Drop." In 1972, Linda Lovelace gave it a whole new meaning.
Item 7:
Dateline--Southwick, Massachusetts A plumber called police after he found a stash of drugs in a vanity he bought at a local hardware store. This gives a whole new meaning to Plumber's Crack!
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week A cannibal was walking through a jungle and came across a cannibal restaurant. The menu included Broiled Missionary, $10, Fried Explorer, $15, and Baked Politician, $100. "Why is the politician so expensive?" asked the cannibal. His waiter replied, "You ever try to clean one?"

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