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September 26, 2006
First Up:
I saw "Jackass Number 2" over the weekend. Not the movie, but Vice President Dick Cheney on C-Span.
Item 2:
Seventy two percent of Americans would prefer a romantic partner to a clean one. The other 28 percent said, "The dirtier the better, bay-bee!"
Item 3:
Scientists have discovered that dolphins give names to one another. They also greet each other with familiar phrases such as, "How's it blowing?" and, "Are you getting any fin?"
Item 4:
I've Got Some Bad News And Some Good News The Bad News President Bush still has the lowest approval rating of any Commander-In-Chief in history. The Good News He's still more popular than road construction, VD and clowns.
Item 5:
Dateline--Goldsby, Oklahoma Mel Gibson snuck into a local movie theatre to see a screening of his new movie, "Apocalypto" Insiders say he wore a wig and a mask. People still knew it was the Mad Maxx-ter, because it was a Mo Howard wig and a Hitler mask.
Item 6:
British scientists have found that the brain of a woman in a vegetative state is still responsive. They also wanted to thank Paris Hilton for her time.
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week A little old lady was running up and down the halls of a nursing home. Whenever she passed by an elderly gentleman, she flipped up the hem of her nightgown and said, "Supersex!" She approached a man in a wheelchair, flashed her business at him and declared, "Supersex!" He sat silently for a moment and then answered, "I'll have the soup."

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