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November 07, 2006
First Up:
Bob Barker, host of "The Price is Right,"says he'll finally retire next year. He said he wants to spend more time with his sexual harassment lawsuits and pursue movie roles.
Item 2:
Dateline--Portland, Oregon A scientist has found a 100 million year-old bee trapped in a piece of amber. This makes it the second oldest bee ever found, with Bea Arthur still the reigning Queen.
Item 3:
Nicole Ritchie has checked into a treatment center for an eating disorder. The Tiny Little Daughter of a Famous Person said she knew she had a problem when her agent offered her the job as host of the new game show, "Meal or No Meal."
Item 4:
A Sad Note. Phillip Paulson, the atheist from San Diego who tried to have a cross removed from public land, died at the age of 59. Per his wishes, a priest read him his Miranda rights and then he was dumped on the curb for the city's weekly bulky item pick-up.
Item 5:
Giorgio Armani will design the wedding attire for the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding. The long-time friend of the groom said that the hardest part of the design process will be to "make Katie look happy and Tom look straight."
Item 6:
Actor Neal Patrick Harris, star of the sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother," has come out to People Magazine, declaring, "I'm a very content gay man." Producers of his show have no problem with the statement, however they did announce that the program will now be called, "How I Met Your Mother at A Village People Concert."
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week A man told his doctor that he wasn't able to do things around the house like he used to. After a complete examination, the man said to the doctor, "In plain English, tell me what's wrong." The doctor said, "You're just a lazy old fart." "Thank you,"said the man, "Now give me the medical term, so I can tell my wife."

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