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May 08, 2007
First Up:
ABC Nightly News anchor Charles Gibson said that he wants former morning show rival Katie Couric to succeed as anchor of the CBS Evening News. He went on to say, "Yeah, right."
Item 2:
President Bush hosted a State Dinner to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's visit to The White House. The President said that in an effort to impress his honored guest he learned a few phrases in English.
Item 3:
I've Got Some Bad News and Some Good News The Bad News President Bush's approval rating fell to 28 percent. The Good News That's still above a tax audit and cat vomit.
Item 4:
Question of The Week If you sell yourself for sex on Craigslist, is it called, "Post-a-tu-tion?"
Item 5:
J-Lo says if she doesn't get eight hours of sleep, "I lose my mind." Just think, if she got eight hours of exercise, she could lose her fat ass, too!
Item 6:
Paris Hilton fired her publicist because of her jail sentence. She said he told her that she could drive as long as it was work related. Her ex-publicist claims he did nothing wrong, because getting arrested and being publicly humiliated is her job.
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week During a U-2 concert in Ireland, Bono asked his audience for some quiet. Then he started to clap slowly. Holding the audience in total silence, he said, "I want you to think about something: Every time I clap, a child dies in Africa." At which point a guy in the front row yelled, "Then stop clapping

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