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February 19, 2008
First Up:
Christina Aguilera introduced her new born son, Max, via an intimate, glossy spread in People Magazine. Coincidentally, it was her intimate, glossy spread that resulted in her new born son, Max.
Item 2:
United Airlines will begin to charge $25 per bag if a passenger checks more than one piece of luggage. The new policy complements their new marketing strategy, "We Don't Want You To Be Happy About Flying With Us and It Shows."
Item 3:
Dateline--New York City Police arrested a man after they mistook his MP3 player for a gun. Oddly, the man was listening to "The Best of .38 Special"
Item 4:
Fun Fact You Should Know It was actually Nikola Tesla who invented the radio, not Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi, however, is still credited with creating the phrase, "Congratulations, you're the fifth caller."
Item 5:
I've Got Some Good News and Some Bad News The Good News: A seventy-one year old laid-off factory worker bought a lottery ticket at a BP gas station and won $250,000. The Bad News: That's how much it cost to fill up the tank of his truck.
Item 6:
Nicolas Cage has filed a lawsuit against Kathleen Turner because she claims in her memoir that the actor was arrested for stealing a dog. This is the second time he's been accused of stealing a dog. The first was when he broke up Lisa Marie Presley's marriage.
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week A woman who doesn't know much about fishing goes to a sporting goods store to buy a rod and reel for her grandson. She grabs one off the rack and asks the clerk for his opinion. The clerk says, "I'm blind, but if you drop it on the counter, I can tell you everything you need to know by the sound it makes." So she does. "That's a six-foot Shakespeare graphite rod with a Zebco 404 reel and a 10 lb test line," says the clerk, "It's a very good combo, and it's on sale for only twenty bucks." "It's amazing you can tell all that by the sound it makes" exclaims the grandma, "I'll take it." She reaches for her credit card and drops it on the floor. "It's a MasterCard" proclaims the clerk. When she goes to pick it up, she passes gas. She's embarrassed, but convinces herself that the blind clerk won't know that she is responsible. "That will be $38.50." says the clerk. Confused by the new total, she asks, "I thought you said I owed you $20?" "Yes ma'am, the rod and reel are $20," answers the clerk, "and the duck call and the catfish bait are an extra $18.50!"

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