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June 24, 2008
First Up:
Citibank has filed a lawsuit against Ed McMahon in a dispute over a $200,000 loan. Coincidentally, that's exactly what it costs to fill up the tank of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol van.
Item 2:
HBO will release a DVD boxed set containing every episode of the Sopranos. It will contain 30 discs and weigh 10 pounds. Isn't that the amount of weight you need to keep a body from floating to the surface?
Item 3:
A Russian spa has commissioned an 800 pound statue that will be designed as a tribute to The Enema. We already have that here: It's in Yellowstone and its called Old Faithful.
Item 4:
Fun Fact You Should Know The Hula Hoop turns 50 this year. Or, as Rosie O'Donnell calls it, "My Belly Button Ring."
Item 5:
The on again, off again relationship between Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson is back on. Anderson attributes their latest hook-up to the fact that, "Unlike most drummers in rock bands, he just won't die."
Item 6:
The New Kids on The Block Reunion Tour is in full swing, playing to sold-out crowds everywhere. Most members of the band-and their fans--are a little older this time around. To reflect that, post-show souvenirs include Donnie Wahlberg Signature Reading Glasses, Joey McIntyre's Customized Prostate Exam Screening tents, and Step-By-Step autographed walkers.
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week A husband and wife are lying in bed when out of nowhere, the wife asks, "If I die, would you get married again?" "Definitely not!" answers the husband. "Why not?" asks the wife, "Don't you like being married?" "Of course I do," answers the husband. "Then why wouldn't you get married again?" she asks. "Okay, okay," he relents, "If it would make you happy, I'd get married again." "Would she live in our house?" she asks. "Yes," answers the husband. "Would she sleep in our bed?" she asks. "I guess so," he answers. "Would she go golfing with you?" she asks. "Yes," he answers. "Would she use my clubs?" she asks. "No." he answers. "Why not?" she asks. "Because," he answers," she's left handed."

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