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September 02, 2008
First Up:
A new study has found that 59 per cent of Americans believe in hell. The other 41 per cent aren't sure who they'll vote for in November.
Item 2:
Hillary Clinton showed up in an orange pantsuit to deliver her speech at The National Democratic Convention. According to pundits, she was trying to lock up the Home Depot and Pumpkin Farmer votes.
Item 3:
Senator John McCain said that even though Sarah Palin wasn't his first choice for a running mate, he knew that he wanted a woman with experience working under "an old white man." Anna Nicole Smith wasn't available.
Item 4:
A Sad Note – Dave Freeman, co-author of the bestselling book, "100 Things To Do Before You Die," passed away at age 47. Per his last wishes, his epitaph will read, "I only got to 52."
Item 5:
Dateline--Cincinnati – A businessman who promised he could enhance penises was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 25 years in prison. This gives a whole new meaning to "hard time."
Item 6:
Michael Jackson, who just turned fifty, said that he celebrated with his kids, enjoying cake and blowing candles. Candles, and his Chimp Brother, Bubbles, could not be reached for comment.
And Finally:
The Bing Crosby Joke of The Week – A nurse stops by to ask a surgery patient how he is feeling. "I'm okay," he replies, "But I didn't like the four-letter word the doctor used during my operation." "What word was that?" asks the nurse. "Oops!"

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